Terms & Conditions


  • All information you provide NMS shall be held in strict confidentiality.
  • All information will not be used or any other purpose but for application and assessment.


  • By taking this assessment, you hereby agree not to divulge any information regarding your assessment and training, and all data obtained during the course of said training and assessment.
  • The processes and systems used in this assessment and training should be held in strict confidentiality.


  • Submitting your information and taking the assessment does NOT guarantee that you will be hired.
  • NMS makes no assurances that all processed applicants will be hired.


  • Taking the assessment, guarantees that the applicant will be considered for review but this does not ensure hiring.

Storing of information

  • The information provided by applicants as well as the results of their assessments shall be kept on-file for reference purposes.
  • This information will not be given, sold nor provided to third parties for what ever purpose.


  • Applicants who have passed the assessment and have completed all the requirements shall undergo pre-hire training and must sign various agreements that enforce confidentiality and professionalism.